Menno van Dyke

Since his debut in 2002 Dutch juggler Menno Van Dyke has been internationally successful in circus and variety shows.

Speed juggling with up to 7 balls and 5 clubs, combined with great music, backflips
and a high energy performance are the main ingredients of his award winning solo-act.

In 2007 Menno started performing a new act together with dancer Emily Weisse.

In creating "Juggling Tango", they set themselves an artistic challenge:
Combining the art of dance with the art of juggling in a way that had never been done before.
For more information about Juggling Tango, go to the website here.

Over the last 7 years Menno has been performing in a wide variety of shows.

Some references:

With Juggling Tango:

Friedrichsbau Varieté Stuttgart
Varieté Pegasus
Krystallpallast Varieté
Casino Estoril
MSC Cruises
SOLyCIRCO Festival - winner Circus Roncalli Prize
Schouwburg De Meerse Hoofddorp
Karel de Rooij (Mini & Maxi)

With his solo act:

Royal Palace Music Hall, Kirrwiller
China Wuqiao int. Circus Festival - winner Bronze Lion
Cirque Arlette Gruss
Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain Paris - winner Special Prize of the Jury
Starclub Varieté
GOP Varieté
Festival Première Rampe de Monte Carlo - winner Bronze Medal
Circus Maximum
Koninklijk Theater Carré
MSC Cruises
Wintercircus Martin Hanson
European Youth Circus Wiesbaden - winner Special Jury Prize
Kerstcircus Chassé Theater Breda
Gala Companhia National de Bailado Lissabon
Danze Fantasy Productions
Revue Maxxim Dinnershow
Circus Royal

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